The Pomona College Model United Nations team is proud to be hosting SageMUN III in the spring semester of 2019. Founded in 1987, the Pomona College Model United Nations team has evolved extensively over the course of its 28 year history. In 2013, after a 3 year hiatus, a small team emerged with new leadership and incredible drive, sparking an interest in global affairs and constructive debate across campus. Today, the team is 25 members strong, with each delegate possessing a special set of skills to be used in conferences all over the country. In addition to including many Pomona College students, the team also retains membership of students from Pitzer College, Scripps College and Harvey Mudd College. 

Pomona College Model United Nations envisioned the creation of a two-day, one-topic conference, which would allow delegates to revel in the thorough explanation of one topic while still enjoying the diversity of committees one would encounter at a larger conference. Seeing this gap in the current Southern California conference market, PCMUN decided to turn this vision into a reality. SageMUN 2019 is sure to be a conference to remember.